Skydiving in New Zealand

Skydiving in New Zealand

New Zealand is home to some of the most picturesque scenes in the world, with pristine lakes, mountains and rivers, one can’t help but feel a desire to see it all. There is no better way to see New Zealand than from above; hence it’s no surprise to us that the 2019 Virtuosa® luxe report titled skydiving in New Zealand as the number one adventure activity.


Why Skydive in New Zealand?

If it’s high safety standards, an awesome Tandem Master and an out of this world view, we think the question more stands as to how could you not Skydive in New Zealand! At Skydive Wanaka, our team have been sharing the thrill of skydiving with adrenaline seekers from near and far for a number of years. We never get over sharing our unique views of Wanaka with adventure seekers from near and far.

Skydiving in New Zealand:
There are two very distinct avenues of skydiving in New Zealand; recreational and professional. Recreational is for New Zealanders and travellers beyond who experience the thrill of freefall via tandem skydiving.

There are three primary locations in New Zealand’s South Island where you can do such a thing:

Skydive Wanaka (Wanaka)

NZONE Skydive (Queenstown)

Skydive Southern Alps (Glenorchy)

All offer the thrill of freefall from 15,000ft over unparalleled views of the South Islands most famous lakes, rivers and mountains below.


Experienced a Tandem & want to take it to the next step?

After one gets the taste of skydiving through a tandem operation; it is not uncommon that one may decide to take the leap on your own and step towards a professional career in the industry. Our operation is made up of professional skydivers from all around the world, some of which completed their skydiving qualifications right here in New Zealand.


The journey to a professional career in New Zealand skydiving begins with the completion of an AFF (Accelerated Free-Fall) course and is the quickest route to becoming a qualified skydiver. This involves an intensive course that allows you to experience the sensation of solo freefall on your very first jump. Two main locations in New Zealand offer such courses Skydiving Kiwis in Ashburton (45min from Christchurch) and the New Zealand Skydiving School in Auckland.


Skydiving Kiwis’ requires a minimum full day of ground training before one’s first solo jump. The course can be completed in as little as two days with most people cleared for an unsupervised jump in as few as seven. This is an excellent course if you want to skydive as a hobby or sport, with the qualifications earned are enabled the ability to sports jump in numerous locations across New Zealand and internationally.


The New Zealand Skydiving School, on the other hand, is an intensive 32-week course, providing successful participants with a Diploma in Commercial Skydiving, the only organisation to offer such certification. The program includes an internship period where participants are placed within a New Zealand Skydiving business, working across multiple departments to truly understand the mechanics of the trade. The time they complete their course also guarantees participants completion of 200 skydive jumps. 


Haven’t Skydived yet?

Yet to strap yourself to a beautiful stranger and jump from a perfectly good plane, but ready to do so! Your New Zealand Skydiving adventure is just a click away, BOOK NOW!