Your Skydive

Adding a New Zealand skydive experience to your extreme activity resume is easy with Skydive Wanaka. You don’t need previous skydiving experience… the only thing a previous tandem skydive gives you is a better understanding of why people recommend Wanaka when asked where to skydive in New Zealand.

Skydive Wanaka Quick Guide

For those who have never experienced the thrill of a skydive before, here is a quick guide to the full process. So all you have to do on the day is enjoy every second!

Welcome aboard!

Welcome to Skydive Wanaka! Your New Zealand skydive experience starts here with your briefing inside our very own cabin of adventure! The video will tell you what you’ve let yourself in for, and will also explain the camera options we have available to purchase.

Strap yourself to a Beautiful Stranger!

Once you’ve checked in, we will plan the loads & take payment from you. That’s when you get to meet your skydiving instructor, AKA your BEAUTIFUL STRANGER!! Your instructor has many thousands of skydives under his belt and is ready to ensure you have the best skydive in New Zealand.


Break the news to your mother in style

When you’re getting ready, feel free to write some messages on your hands to show the camera – and break the news to your friends & family in style! Pens are provided in the departure lounge, so no need to bring your own.


Board the skydive aircraft

You take to the skies in our orange & white skydive plane – a Cessna Caravan, offering a comfortable, quick flight to altitude and maximum opportunity to take in the jaw-dropping views on the way up to your chosen skydive altitude.


Marvel at local beauty as you climb to altitude

Skydiving experience at its best! The flight to altitude is 10-15 minutes, during which you can enjoy unrivalled and uninterrupted views of Wanaka’s world-renowned lakes and mountains, the Upper Clutha river, and, on a clear day, Mount Cook.


The edge and beyond… FREEFALL!!

Move toward the plane’s now-open door, securely harnessed to your highly-qualified tandem skydiving instructor… pause on the edge, then… SENSORY OVERLOAD! You’re flying through the air at 200kph! You’re not falling – you’re flying and the view is truly INCREDIBLE. Your adrenalin is flowing as your senses try to process the intensity of the experience.

Skydiving Freefall Video & Handi-cam

KEEP SMILING! Your camera flyer or tandem skydive master captures your personal skydive Wanaka, New Zealand adventure for you, ensuring you don’t miss a moment of the amazing experience.


Parachutes up! Take in more of that STUNNING view

Your parachute activates. You enjoy the view as you float – exhilarated – toward the ground. Enjoy the best of skydive Wanaka!


Gentle Landing

Your feet touch the earth. You’re safely back on the ground after a smooth landing at the Skydive Wanaka dropzone.

Take a moment to take in what you just did…

You just did something that makes no sense – you jumped out of a plane thousands of feet in the air. But now you understand why skydiving is so special, why it actually makes all sorts of sense. So, when will we see you next?

Drop Shop

Your skydive Wanaka, NZ memory will never wear out! Buy a t-shirt, hoody or hat from our Dropzone shop, and show off to the world that you took the plunge and skydived over Lake Wanaka! Remember your skydiving experience with us.





Ready to Strap yourself to a beautiful Stranger and take the leap?

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