Our Staff


Ken Stone – Group General Manager

Ken manages our parachute operations after having joined us in 2018, and has made 11000+ skydives. In his past life, he completed 26 years of service with the Australian Army, where he first started parachuting. Ken is an Accelerated Free Fall Instructor, Tandem Instructor, Camera Flyer, Display Pro skydiver, and holds skydiving instructor ratings in multiple countries. He has skydived around the world and worked for drop zones in Australia, Fiji, and the USA to name a few. In his spare time he likes hiking and photography.

Jeremy โ€“ Compliance Encyclopedia (32,000+ pack jobs)

Jeremy has OFFICIALLY done TWICE as many parachute packs than he has had hot dinners !! โ€“ so that has to be a good sign. From packing he has moved to compliance and works with NZ’s Civil Aviation Authority & other regularos to help us stay compliant and safe. When he’s not working he likes family time, skiing & biking and spreadsheets.

Tandem MasterBarna – (10,000+ skydives)

Barna is from Transylvania, and he might be the direct descendant of Dracula. He believes skydiving is one of the best jobs in the word, and when he is not skydiving Barna is working on his hair modelling career or he is looking after his bees.


Camera Flyer

Boris – (13,000+ skydives)

Boris loves the outdoors and everything that has to do with flying. If he is not running around the drop zone in a cape and entertaining customers and his colleges , you will find him jumping and flying off cliffs of the southern alps.

Jason – AKA Cuzzy (8000+skydives)

Jason is our one & only Chiwi – a Chinese Kiwi!!! He was born and bred in south Auckland, but has now swapped the streets of Onehunga for little ol’ Wanaka. He worked overseas in Australia before going travelling and ending up here in Wanaka. He loves playing pool, pina coladas, and riding his mountain bike.

PilotHamish – Pilot and fishing lure guru (11,000+ Flying hours )

“I have the BEST office in the world โ€“ 18 years at Skydive Wanaka, 30,000+ trips to altitude and I have still not had enough of those views!”